Commercial Vehicle Injury Law Firm Birmingham AL

Commercial Vehicle Injury Law Firm Birmingham AL

Commercial Vehicle Injury Law Firm Birmingham AL

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When you have been involved in a truck accident, you will need the services of a Birmingham truck accident attorney. You are entitled to certain forms of compensation for your injuries, and a law firm that specializes in this type of accident will provide you with the best services.

Some of the Causes Of Big Truck Accidents

Improperly Trained or Inexperienced Semi Truck Drivers. Driving a Big Truck is much different than driving a personal car. Big Truck drivers are required to have special training and pass specific tests before they are given a commercial driver’s license. However, since this training can vary from company to company, many drivers hit the open road ill-trained and not ready for the experience.Bad Weather Mistakes. As all drivers know, certain weather conditions require that the driver act in a different manner when behind the wheel. The same applies to truck drivers. A lot of accidents occur when these drivers fail to act correctly in bad weather conditions.

Everyone understands that they must share the road with these large commercial vehicles. Over-the-road shipments are how a majority of consumables are moved across the country. However, with this industry comes greater responsibility to keep the roads safe.

In case you are hurt, what should you do?

Birmingham area residents that are involved in an 18 wheeler accident should be advised that they are entitled to compensation for their injuries. Victims of this type of accident are encouraged to seek the professional services of an Big Truck accident law firm.

The Big Truck Industry Is Required To Follow Different Laws Than Drivers Of A Passenger Vehicle

Big Truck drivers are not allowed to exceed 11 hours of driving in any 24 hour period. In addition, these hours must be split to equal no more than eight hours straight diving at any one time. This law is in effect to prevent drivers from becoming over tired. Big rig drivers must keep a log book documenting every minute that the truck is in motion and is stopped. This includes bathroom breaks. This helps determine if they are obeying drive-time laws.

There are many other laws that concern large Big Truck vehicle operation. Some of these laws may be only relevant in a specific state, while others may be national requirements.

Your Lawsuit Is Not Like Any Other in Birmingham

It is also important when looking for a lawyer to represent your Birmingham Big Truck accident case, that you find a law firm that sees you as an individual and not “just another case.” The events surrounding your case, the injuries that you received, the losses that you incurred are all significant to you and you only. Your case cannot be treated the same as another accident victims case, it must be handled as the unique event.


Reno Motor Vehicle Injury Attorney

Reno Motor Vehicle Injury Attorney

Hotchkin Law
100 West Liberty Street
Reno, Nevada 89501

Motorcycle Accidents:
Reno, NV has one of the largest number of motorcycle accidents in the country, due to the Street Vibrations festival that occurs every summer in Reno. If you were hit while riding your motorcycle or moped, you need a qualified lawyer who understands motor vehicle accident law. Call lead attorney Lee Hotchkin to talk about your motorcycle accident case.Bicycle accidents:Our kids are not the best judge of time and space, so it’s pretty common to hear about a car hitting a kid on a bike. We hope your child is recovering from their injuries, but now it’s time to talk to a lawyer who can stand up for your little one in court, and fight for financial damages.School-bus accidents: School buses are not the safest vehicle on the road. They are designed top heavy, so they have a tendency to roll over. Since these buses do not include seat belts, so when the bus rolls over, your child is sent flying in the air. If your child survived a school bus accident, thank god for their deliverance, and call a lawyer to stand up for you.

Lafayette Louisiana Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Attorney

Lafayette Louisiana Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Attorney

Jim Lambert Law Firm
315 South College Suite 146
Lafayette, Louisiana 70503 Lafayette Louisiana Motor vehicle Personal Injury attorney South Louisiana Accident attorney Jim Lambert provides free information to those injured in an accident through no fault of their own. If you have been injured in an accident, you need a board certified trial attorney that can help protect your legal rights.

Personal Injury Lawyer In Wilmington NC – Call 888-641-3318 – Vehicle Wreck Victims ONLY!

Personal Injury Lawyer In Wilmington NC – Call 888-641-3318 – Vehicle Wreck Victims ONLY!

Personal Injury Lawyer In Wilmington NC – Call 888-641-3318 for a FREE Consultation! – Vehicle Wreck Victims ONLY!

Have you previously been gravely hurt in a car or truck associated vehicle accident in the Wilmington NC community, or everywhere within North Carolina, within the past year?

Was the automotive linked mishap a… bicycle mishap (hit by a motor vehicle), a bus accident (passenger on a bus or hit by a bus), or even a train mishap?

Was the vehicle collision a… motorcycle wreck (hit by a motor vehicle), a pedestrian accident (hit by a motor vehicle), or a tractor-trailer accident (hit by a tractor trailer)?

Did the outcome of the mishap result in a herniated disc, a slipped disc, or any sort of fracture (broken bone)?

Did the automobile accident cause any sort of internal injuries such as: internal bleeding, bruised organ(s), collapsed or punctured organ(s), or any sort of brain injury (traumatic brain injury or TBI)?

Did the car or truck mishap cause any serious ligament tears such as: a torn rotator cuff, a torn ACL, or torn MCL?

Did the auto wreck injury involve any type of surgery, mandate at least an overnight stay in the medical facility, or did a immediate relative die because of the wreck?

One last question; did the auto mishap contribute to a shoulder, hip or knee dislocation?

If you responded yes to any of these questions, you may require an knowledgeable and capable motor vehicle accident legal professional, especially experienced in motor vehicle related injuries. Without having a qualified car accident law professional you could very well be deprived of thousands of dollars in lost settlement.

Personal Injury Lawyer In Wilmington NC – Call 888-641-3318 for a FREE Consultation!

If you are, or were, in a car or truck collision and endure a physical injury, you should really seek advice from legal counsel. Although the majority of people would like to do the right thing and pay you for your injury; however, it is infrequently up to the person which caused the injury. Believe it or not, it will very likely be at the consideration of the other person’s insurance company. Additionally, as we all know, insurance companies will do everything in their power not to offer compensation for your injury, or offer money to you way less than what you would probably experience if you had hired a lawyer.

An accomplished automobile accident or personal injury lawyer will know how to hammer out a deal with the insurance company, structure your case, and take your case to trial if necessary. It is not recommended for you to meet in person with the insurance company excluding your law professionals present.

Discovering the right the right legal representative can be a drawn out and really hard process. Quite often people start on their hunt when they are in need of one right away. A legal representative should be picked for their expertise and experience in automobile collision cases. The appropriate legal representative will have experience in cases such as yours and will be able to take action instantly. The right attorney will know what to do swiftly without having to explore your case or look into court decisions, as he or she should be accustomed with your type of case. Locating the right legal representative will save you time and money in the long-term.

Embark on your search for your lawyer as soon as possible. A really important deadline called the “statute of limitations” and other target dates may give you a restricted length of time to take legal action. Do no rely on advice from friends and family in picking your law professional, doing so will limit your search for the “right legal professional”.

The most essential element in selecting your law professional is that you are confident speaking with him/her and that you feel really that a working relationship can formulate. A good working relationship and communication can be a necessary key to the positive outcome of your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer In Wilmington NC – Call 888-641-3318 for a FREE Consultation! – Auto Accident Related Injuries ONLY!

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Houston, Texas Personal Injury Attorney – Injured in an accident while driving a company vehicle

Houston, Texas Personal Injury Attorney – Injured in an accident while driving a company vehicle

Many people in Houston and throughout Texas are required to drive as part of their job. Sometimes people are injured in a motor vehicle accident while they are on the clock, and may think that because their workers compensation claim is taking care of their medical bills, they do not have any right to make a claim against the insurance of the at-fault driver. That’s not the case. If you were injured in an automobile accident while driving a company vehicle, you have as much right to make a personal injury claim against the other driver’s insurance as you would if you were in your personal vehicle, off the clock.

Daragh Carter is an attorney in Houston, Texas whose practice is focused exclusively on representing personal injury clients. Daragh Carter is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Trial Law, is rated “superb” and 10/10 on the popular attorney-rating web site AVVO, was voted a Top Lawyer for Personal Injury by Houstonia Magazine in 2013 and 2014 and a Rising Star by Texas Super Lawyer in 2014.

Contact information: or (832) 859 8243 or

Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney Montgomery County Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney Montgomery County Vehicle Accident Lawyer 215-732-2260 The personal injury lawyers of Soloff & Zervanos, P.C. represent clients in vehicle accident and serious injury cases. Contact the Montgomery County car accident lawyers to discuss your case today.