Atlanta Brain Injury Lawyers | Why Call an Atlanta Brain Injury Attorney? | The Cochran Firm Atlanta

Atlanta Brain Injury Lawyers | Why Call an Atlanta Brain Injury Attorney? | The Cochran Firm Atlanta

Atlanta Brain Injury Lawyers – Visit us today at or call (404) 222-9922.

In this video, Atlanta Brain Injury Laywer Jane Lamberti answers, “Why Call an Atlanta Brain Injury Attorney?”

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Hi,I’m Jane Lamberti. I’m Georgia’s brain injury attorney specialist. And in Georgia if you get in an accident, your brain is your most vital part of your body and it needs to be protected. And some serious injuries can happen that don’t necessarily show up immediately if you’ve been hit by a car or hit by a truck or even if you’ve been rear-ended because the concussive forces from the rear-end collision can cause your brain to move, hit your skull, and come back.

And why call a Georgia, Atlanta brain injury attorney? Number one, we know the law in Georgia. And number two, we have the connections to the best medical professionals to get you the best care possible to get on your way to recovering from your brain injury.

I’m Jane Lamberti, Georgia’s brain injury attorney, fighting for your peace of mind. 

A brain injury can be devastating and life altering for you and your family. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury as a result of the negligent acts of another, you may be entitled to a brain injury claim.

Head injuries can occur in all types of accidents. When these injuries occur you or your loved ones could suffer long-term injuries that can affect your everyday life. If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury as a result of the negligent acts of another, you may be entitled to a claim.

Brain injury cases are unique and challenging and the outcomes of lawsuits are hard to predict as each case is different.

At The Cochran Firm Atlanta, our experienced brain injury attorneys and legal staff have a great track record and are well known for working hard to help clients get the result they desire. Our experienced brain injury attorneys will help to investigate your claim and take the case to the court on your behalf.

Want to file a Brain Injury Claim? Contact our Personal Injury lawyers with expertise in injury cases including Amputations, Brain Injuries, Burn Injuries , Fractured Bones, Paralysis, Spinal Cord Injuries and Toxic Exposure. Call Cochran Firm Atlanta toll-free (404) 222-9922.

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To watch Attorney Jane Lamberti try a case in a courtroom is to watch excellence in action. Ms. Lamberti is a fierce competitor in the courtroom yet has a gentle touch with her clients. She is a true fighter for justice and has a keen ability to breakdown difficult concepts into understandable language for jurors.

Ms. Lamberti’s background in chemistry makes her a natural when trying medical malpractice lawsuits. She has the organizational skills and talent to see her cases to verdict. She led the trial team that secured more than $20 million in damages—the largest amount of compensatory damages ever awarded in a wrongful death case in the state of Georgia—in Gandy V. Devore.

Ms. Lamberti has also obtained more than $35 million in settlements and verdicts for medical malpractice victims. No one in Georgia is better than Attorney Jane Lamberti when it comes to medical malpractice. She strongly believes in looking out for each and every client who has experienced catastrophes and life-altering tragedies due to the negligence of others.

Attorney Lamberti shares a supreme love of the law just like the Firm’s founder, Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. The two were very fond of one another and he had tremendous respect for her courtroom ability.

Ms. Lamberti is proud to uphold the standards set in place by Attorney Cochran and strives to further his legacy in the law each and every day. Contact Attorney Jane Lamberti today:

NOTICE: You are not a client of this law firm and we do not represent you unless you have a signed attorney/client agreement with this law firm. No duties or privileged relationships are intended to be created by this communication where they do not otherwise exist.

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Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta Call 404-800-7108 Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta GA

Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta Call 404-800-7108 Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta GA


Getting injured at work or in an auto crash is certainly a serious ordeal.

If an injury happened to you you require the help from of an experienced personal injury attorney.

First understand that enlisting a lawyer definitely gives you an advantage. We are experts in personal injury law and our attorney group has dealt with a variety of winning personal injury cases.

We will go to work right away to advise you and to put the pieces back together and to make intelligent choices.

Time is of the essence so do not delay, contact us RIGHT AWAY at 404-800-7108. We will help you with your injuries and get you the money you deserve. 404-800-7108


Personal Injury Attorney in Atlanta Call 404-800-7108 Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta GA

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Personal Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer New York City I Call 888-295-5283 Now!

Personal Injury Lawyer New York City I Call 888-295-5283 Now!

Personal Injury Lawyer New York City I Call 888-295-5283 Now!

The Best Personal Injury Lawyers In New York City! We Treat Our Clients Like Family, Give Us A Call Today To See What We Mean!

Accidents happen each and every day. Most of the time, the responsible parties go scot-free. However, this should not always be the case. Personal injury lawyers are there to handle lawsuits on behalf of people who get injured due to another person’s carelessness or negligence. Hiring a personal injury lawyer in New York City is easy. This is because there are numerous attorneys available. Therefore, whenever one gets involved in an accident, he or she can be assured of justice and proper compensation.

In every accident there is usually a responsible party. It can either be another individual or a company or business where the injury took place. Personal injury law accommodates all types of scenarios, such as medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents and wrongful death among many others. Every personal injury lawyer in New York has the necessary expertise and experience to handle any type of case.


A personal injury lawyer in New York City assists clients to get compensation for the injury or damage caused by an accident that they are not responsible for. Treating injuries and fixing damages caused by an accident is very expensive. Most people cannot meet the cost without outside help, which in most cases leaves them with huge debts and financial trouble. That is why it is important for one to get compensation.

Compensation can cover several expenses. Some of them include lost wages, medical expenses and replacement of damaged property among many others. Acquiring compensation is not an easy thing. Rarely do individuals get compensated, unless they have the right legal representation. This kind of representation can only be offered by a personal injury lawyer in New York City.

A personal injury lawyer in New York City represents his or her client, forwards claims and ensures that none of the client’s rights is violated. The attorney negotiates with the coverage companies and other responsible parties, so as to get the right amount of compensation for his or her client. If the case proceeds to trial, the lawyer continues to provide legal counsel and representation until the case is over.


In most cases, a personal injury lawyer in New York City charges a contingency fee. This kind of fee is dependent on the settlement. If the attorney wins the case and gets his or her client a settlement, he or she is paid a certain percentage of the compensation.

The percentage is normally 33.33%, though sometimes it can go up to 40 percent depending on the law firm, locality and nature of the case. In this payment plan, the lawyer receives no payment if he or she loses the case. However, the client still has to pay the court fees and other minor costs involved when filing the claim, regardless of the outcome of the case.


Personal injury law is a broad field. Some of the areas it covers include worker’s compensation, accidents and medical malpractice. Many personal injury lawyers specialize in a specific area. This enables them to study all laws that pertain to that area, which makes it easy for them to analyze cases and know the best way to argue them. Therefore, when a person is looking for a personal injury lawyer in New York City, he or she should specify his or her type of case.


There are many practicing personal injury lawyers. Therefore, finding them is not difficult. The problem is choosing the right attorney. To win a case, one needs to find a good attorney to represent him or her. The only way one can do that is through performing a thorough research.

It is advisable to start by asking for referrals from family members and friends. Some of them might have filed claims in the past and know some good lawyers in the locality. This helps narrow the search greatly, making it easier for one to find a good personal injury lawyer in New York City .

The American Bar Association contains a list of all practicing lawyers in the country. One can contact the association and ask for a list of the personal injury lawyers in New York City. Visiting their website is also helpful. It has a tool that allows one to quickly filter the attorneys that practice in the locality.

Most lawyers offer free consultation. This gives potential clients the opportunity to meet with the attorneys and discuss the case. So, one is able to evaluate the lawyer before deciding on whether to hire him or her or not.

Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer Call 817-380-9364

Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyer Call 817-380-9364

Call or go to if you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident in the Fort Worth area. You will need experienced and aggressive legal representation to receive the full compensation you deserve for your losses and pain and suffering. The opposing insurance company, armed with expensive lawyers, will try to settle for the least amount possible. You shouldn’t agree to any settlement without talking to an attorney first. Call this group of experts at 817-380-9364 for a free consultation in Fort Worth TX.

For the Dallas area go to

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For Austin TX go to

Jim Hall Injury Lawyer San Antonio, Call 22-LEGAL

Jim Hall Injury Lawyer San Antonio,  Call 22-LEGAL

Jim Hall Injury Lawyer San Antonio, Call 22-LEGAL

Branton | Hall | Rodriguez | Cruz PC
8100 Broadway Street
San Antonio, TX 78209

San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers, Branton | Hall | Rodriguez | Cruz are personal injury attorneys in San Antonio practicing trial cases in personal injury, malpractice, and auto accidents. Serving South Texans for over 30 years. At, you are assured you will talk to a personal injury lawyer when you call today at 22-LEGAL.

Jim Hall Injury Lawyer San Antonio, Call 22-LEGAL

Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney – Call (801) 938-8122

Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney – Call (801) 938-8122


Matthew L. Nebeker, Attorney At Law
517 South 200 West Suite A
Salt Lake City, Utah 8410
(801) 309-6966

A car accident can have a major impact on your life. Even when no injuries are involved, the hassle of getting your car repairs paid for or trying to receive the fair value for your vehicle can prove to be major inconveniences.

Oftentimes, insurance companies are reluctant to pay you for the full extent of your injuries and for full repairs to your vehicle. In these situations, an experienced attorney can help protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve.

If you have been involved in an auto accident,contact me to schedule a FREE Initial Consultation.

For more information about DUI please visit

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Salt Lake City Personal Injury Attorney

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The Best Personal injury lawyer, attorney in Nashville, TN : Call today 615 373 2500
Kurt Beasley is the best personal injury attorney in Nashville TN. He has practiced law for over 20 years. He believes the trust the client has in their lawyer is one of the most important aspects of the relationship. He has just recently finished up a personal injury case in Franklin TN.
Come in today for a free consolation to let Kurt hear your side of the accident. So if you want the best personal injury lawyer in Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood TN, come and see Kurt Beasley at Waterford Law or Call 615 373 2500 or visit his site at

Los Angeles Injury Attorney- Gerald Marcus Law- Call 800-905-8777

Los Angeles Injury Attorney- Gerald Marcus Law- Call 800-905-8777

Los Angeles Injury Attorney Gerald Marcus explains how his law firm has been helping the injured throughout Los Angeles since 1987.

Fighting the insurance companies and helping his clients receive the MAXIMUM compensation is the number one goal of The Law Offices Of Gerald L. Marcus.

Your consultation is ALWAYS FREE and we are available 24/7.

You Don’t Pay ANYTHING Until We WIN Your Case! There is ZERO risk for you!

Call 800-905-8777 today! We are standing by ready to help you!

Chicago Injury Attorney- Philip J. Berenz, CPA, JD – Call 312-375-6524

Chicago Injury Attorney- Philip J. Berenz, CPA, JD – Call 312-375-6524


Chicago Injury Attorney

Whether I take on a personal injury matter – accident, nursing home, dog bite, workers compensation or the like – or business matter (plaintiff or defense), there is one thing that NEVER goes missing: pursuit of excellence in representing my client(s).

Many clients are under the impression that small firms or solo practitioners cannot handle large matters. Perhaps not a billion-dollar worldwide “Enron-type” case – true.

But large or small – what matters is collaborative approaches, dedication and persistence. Little do some clients know but I often work in teams with other lawyers, “baby-sit” other lawyers, am part of focus groups and networks for team approaches to multi-disciplined, complex commercial cases.

In personal injury, I am part of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association that work in a collegial atmosphere to aim for more thorough approaches to injury matters.

We talk on a daily basis amongst each other. We work together. We read – extensively. We review new law – on a daily basis.

All of this is what you get when you retain someone such as myself.

On the flip side, there are many lawyers who do not continue the daily pursuit of excellence. It is a life mission. The thought does not cross my mind to do less.

When you place your legal problems in my hands – you can trust the situation, angles, and development of paths toward resolution never leave my mind.

You can contact me here 24/7/365 (and I really mean that as I will answer my phone) if you have any questions and to learn how I may be able to help you or your loved one or a company analyze any potential legal situation – injury or business – and “map out” a strategy in relation to same or simply provide you a second opinion to help you fight every inch of the way from start to finish – in particular, you will find that I listen, take your phone calls and e-mails (and even text messages–BUT NOT WHILE DRIVING!!).

I would be honored to help you with your matters – large or small.

Call 312-375-6524

Philip J. Berenz, CPA, JD
134 North LaSalle Street
Suite 1515
Chicago, Illinois 60602