Ohio Attorney Reveals What Makes A Strong Personal Injury Claim

Ohio Injury Attorney Anthony Castelli answers the question, “What Makes a Strong Personal injury Claim.” Many people want to know whether they need an lawyer for their personal inury insurance claim car accident or whether a lawyer will even take your claim. Ohio personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli in the continuing consumer legal series where he was asked 6 questions by Chicago personal injury lawyer Jonathan Rosenfeld about common themes that come up again and again in personal injury claims and car accident harms and hurts.
Although familiar to personal injury lawyers the public is often at a loss to know what to do when they are hurt seriously in a automobile crash. Many fall into the trap of listening to the insurance adjustor as if they were their friend. But it’s the seasoned adjustor’s job to settle the claim for as little as possible. Why. because insurance companies make profits by taking in premiums and paying out as little as possible.

Learn some of the common defenses insurance companies use to delay , deny , and defend and seek to lessen your resolve to get fairly compensated for your injury.

Learn what Anthony Castelli Accident and injury lawyer looks for in determining whether your injury claim has enough value that Anthony will take it and do the work to seek the most compensation possible for you.

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Anthony Castelli is an Ohio personal injury lawyer practicing accident and injury law in the state of Ohio . With over 32 years of experience and over 25 jury trials he is positioned to help you get the benefits and compensation you deserve.