California DUI Lawyer 888.327.4652 A former DUI prosecutor discusses his switch to the role of California DUI defense lawyer.

Most people arrested for a California DUI charge assume the evidence against them is insurmountable. Most of them are wrong. Fighting a DUI case almost always makes more sense than simply pleading guilty. For example, did you know that…

More than 100 interfering substances, medical conditions and equipment malfunctions can cause DUI breathalyzers to generate falsely high readings?

DUI blood testing is prone to error. When we re-test clients’ blood samples at independent laboratories, we frequently get different results…and sometimes find that the original sample was contaminated?

Police officers are supposed to follow a standardized set of procedures in DUI roadside investigations…and very few of them do?

Our team of California DUI attorneys consists of former drunk driving prosecutors, former DUI enforcement officers, and former police toxicologists. We defend clients throughout the state, including the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, San Diego and Orange Counties.

We handle cases ranging from simple misdemeanor drunk driving to DUI Causing Injury, California Felony DUI, vehicular manslaughter and gross vehicular manslaughter. Regardless the type of case, we visit the location, study the arresting officers’ training and background, reanalyze blood samples, examine the breathalyzers’ maintenance history, subpoena and cross-examine officers at live DMV hearings, and deconstruct the case to find the problems and issues leading to a successful DUI defense.

If you got arrested for DUI, we invite you to join us for a case analysis with a California DUI Lawyer. We want to start by hearing from you everything that happened leading up to, during and after the arrest. We’ll give you our candid opinion as to the likelihood of prevailing in court and at the DMV.