Best Personal Injury Attorney Birmingham, AL – Mezrano Law Firm (205) 206-6300 Personal Injury Attorney Birmingham AL Mezrano Law Firm. Each case has its own unique set of facts deserving the personal attention of one of our trial attorneys.

You hear a lot of lawyers talk about “telling their client’s stories,” but telling your client’s story begins with sitting down with a lawyer, NOT a staff member. Unlike other law firms, we treat our clients individually with full access to the attorney that is personally handling their case.

Over the years, we have developed our skills by representing our clients in a myriad of cases ranging from car and truck accidents, construction defect cases, and elderly nursing home abuse victims to business disputes and acquisitions.

Because we believe in our clients, we love the satisfaction and challenge of asserting their rights against well-funded defendants and insurance companies.

With decades of experience, we have gained a reputation among our peers, clients and insurance companies for aggressively litigating the toughest of cases, as well as getting referrals from many other lawyers that recognize our expertise handling complex and contentious cases.

Most importantly, insurance companies recognize our willingness to litigate any case, no matter how difficult, so they take our client demands seriously.

Mezrano law firm was formed to focus on building strong client relationships and advising clients in challenging times.

Our firm has grown by attracting attorneys and staff committed to the same belief that our success is measured by the level of our client’s satisfaction. And we’re proud that our attorneys’ excellence has been recognized, having received numerous awards.

Mezrano Law Firm is not just a firm but a family. If you are ever in need of legal representation, one of our attorneys is always available to hear your story.

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