Auto accidents in Grand Rapids, Michigan, meeting your lawyer

In this video, Michigan auto accident attorneys Larry Gursten and Steve Gursten discuss what to expect at your first visit with a Grand Rapids attorney. For more info about Grand Rapids auto accidents visit They address the emotions car accident victims are feeling, how to avoid important filing deadlines, as well as three types of auto accident lawsuits. The Michigan Auto Law partners stress that it’s always free to make a call. And that reaching out to an attorney could truly save important legal rights, like ensuring you receive all of your No-Fault benefits.

Here’s what Larry Gursten and Steve Gursten have to say:

“My name is Larry Gursten. I am the head of Michigan Auto Law, which is the top firm in the state specializing in serious auto and truck cases. And I’d like to help you by giving you answers to the common questions asked when you come in on your first interview. If you live in the Grand Rapids area, we have an office there to serve you. And here are some of the common questions people ask about their accident cases.

Why do so many people feel apprehensive about speaking with an attorney?
Steve Gursten, Michigan Auto Law partner: A lot of people are worried. They’re worried that they’re going to be bothering us some how, or that they’re going to be creating some sort of responsibility. But what we’d so much rather you would do if you have a question, is pick up the phone and call, and talk to one of the lawyers here for some free advice, instead of making some horrible, catastrophic mistake.

What risks could be avoided by contacting an auto accident attorney? The best example I can give you is sometimes there’s a certain deadline coming up, where you have to contact your auto insurance company by a certain date. And people miss that date because they’re afraid to pick up the phone and call. And it was such a simple, five-second question, where I could have helped them and help make sure they get their Michigan No-Fault benefits. And I see that time and time again, where sometimes for whatever reason, people are just “polite” or their just embarrassed perhaps, or because they’re worried about talking to a lawyer and they think there might be some kind of contract or fee, and they shouldn’t. I have three lawyers here, in addition to myself, who are here all the time if you have questions. We do this to try and help you so you don’t make a terrible mistake.

What to the attorneys at Michigan Auto Law review during an initial consultation?

Whether you’re calling for the first time, or your just meeting in my office for the first time going over your case, what we always like to do is just take a couple minutes, and just explain Michigan law to you. Because people always think they only have one case and in Michigan, that’s actually not true. You actually have three different cases. The first case believe it or not is with your own insurance company. That is for your Michigan No-Fault insurance benefits. And that includes your medical bills, wage loss, replacement services (help around the house), medical mileage (pay for your gas to medical appointments). And depending on the extent and severity of your injuries, Michigan attendant care (nursing services). Then you have a second case. And that case is against the wrongdoer driver who caused the car accident, and that will be for your injuries and pain and suffering. And you have a third case, and that’s for your vehicle damage. That’s covered by a law called the Michigan Mini-Tort.

The lawyers in this office can help you with all three.”

What can you do if you’ve been injured in a car accident and you don’t know where to turn? Feel free to call Michigan Auto Law at (800) 777-0028. You can speak directly to one of our auto accident attorneys at no charge or obligation. We are here to answer all of your questions, and to get you on the road to recovery after a serious crash in Michigan.