Attorney Charles Brewer, Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

Attorney Charles Brewer, one of the legends of the Arizona Bar, joins Mark Wahlstrom at the LB Network studios for the first edition of The Arizona Law Show.

Attorney Charles Brewer is a leading expert in aviation law, personal injury law and other catastrophic injuries and has been practicing law for over 45 years and was at the lead in many landmark cases that changes the face of the law in Arizona courts. Based in Phoenix Arizona, his leadership in groups such as the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association, ATLA, AAJ and Public Justice as well as being a vigorous opponent of tort reform has cemented his reputation as a fierce advocate of a clients right to a jury trial. His commitment to the use of technology, court room technology and exhaustive case preparation makes him one of the most feared litigators in Arizona and the Southwest.

This three part video is a review of his career, discussion of the history of the Arizona legal system, the importance of innovation in the court room and tips to both practicing lawyers and law students as to how to be effective advocates for their injury clients. Watch all three parts of this exceptional interview with one of the true legends of the law, legal historian and actively practicing personal injury lawyers in the Southwest.